Baby Hands for Windows

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Baby Hands

Become a baby! Get your chubby little hands on a host of ‘harmless’ looking household items and cause a little unsupervised chaos in your home!.

What do I do in Baby Hands?

Crawling, exploring and making a lot of mayhem. The player rolls their hands over one another to simulate the motions a baby does to crawl around the floor. The floor itself is littered with objects, from toy tools, useful for escaping your creche, to water guns, useful for soaking home electronics. The sheer level of interactivity ensures plenty of depth. Find a sandwich? Try the VCR player. Find your sister’s diary? Tear up the pages, give them a chew and you have ready made spit wads. There is always some new trouble for you to get into.

Who is Baby Hands aimed at?

The developers have consciously made this a family friendly title, using children in their marketing. However, anyone who remembers the Rugrats on Nickelodeon and wants a nostalgic trip back to imagining all the trouble a baby can get up to should think about picking this up. The challenges might be aimed at a kid-friendly level, but your ability to interact with your environment means gamers of all ages will find something here.


  • Great locomotion mechanic
  • Interesting new VR experience


  • Short experience
  • Early Access - no guarantees of updates

Baby Hands for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V varies-with-device
  • 4.9
  • (30)
  • Security Status

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